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Monitoring Activities

  • Every year children who are admitted to schools and those who drop out are monitored. 
  • We recently conducted a survey on the demographics, health and education of the two slum areas we support.

 Major results from the study are summarized below:

  • Israeli camp – has 607 households with 2744 persons. There are 1225 children (0-18 years) with 425 children 0-6 years. There is only one child identified as malnourished. There are 102 children admitted in Class 1, 79 in class 6 and 32 in class 10. Thirty three children are receiving remedial classes under RTE Act.  
  • Shankar Camp has 405 households with a population of 1454 persons. There are 797 children (0-18 years) with 196 in 0-6 age group. There are 29 children admitted in Class 1, 47 in class 6 and 18 in class 10. Thirty six children are receiving remedial classes under RTE Act. 
  • Currently immunizations are ongoing for 184 children in the 0-5 age group in Israel camp and for 69 children in Shankar camp. Our partner organization BVD is monitoring these and has been following up with all the stakeholders.
  • We recently conducted another survey to find the challenges faced by children in government run schools. The major educational challenges facing the children in the 14+ age group in these schools are in the areas of English and Mathematics. We are currently considering a demand from these children for remedial classes so they can be better equipped as they go to senior classes. 
  • In August, 2013 we supported staff and students of Berkeley University, USA to conduct a usability study for tracking immunization coverage in our pilot areas using a Mobile phone/ Radiofrequency tag application. The 'usability study' required sitting with those interested in immunization and listening to what are the obstacles with getting immunization for children, explaining and showing the technology and devices to monitor immunizations using ‘Emmunify’, an application developed by Berkeley University students . ACT has submitted proposals to work with Berkeley University to monitor immunization for children using this innovative monitoring technique.
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