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Munni Kumari

My name is Munni Kumari and I live in Shankar Camp. I joined Aarushi Charitable Trust as a junior teacher this year. munni
I am also studying as a B.A. 2nd year student. I like singing and listening to music. From childhood my dream was to become a teacher for young children

My father Dilip Yadav and my mother is Anita Devi moved to Shankar camp in 1999 with my elder sister, a brother and me. I am the youngest and was then five years old. We were poor and had to face several difficulties. That time, my father used to sell vegetables. There were no easy means for our education, except for a teacher in the neighborhood who used to teach children for fees, which was beyond what my father could afford. My mother then registered my name in Delhi Nagar Nigam Prathmic Vidyalaya School. However, I needed help to cope with studies in the school.  My mother persistently looked for tuition, which she could afford.  One day she found, one teacher was teaching small children without any fees in the temple in D-7. In 2001, Mummy registered my name with that teacher. I studied there from 2001 to 2005. Then, in 2006, Aarushi Charitable trust started classes in Shankar camp for small children. One teacher of Shankar Camp came to us and told us about it. Initially, only very small children were taught free of charge there. Later, they started classes for older children also. I joined these classes. Also sometimes, when the teacher was not there, I used to take the class for small children and also accompanied them for activities outside. I also took part in the Bal Panchayat meeting, and any cultural activities organized for the children. I always watched the teachers with awe and wanted to be like them. I always loved teaching. I want that in future generations, no child is uneducated.


Hi, my name is Arti and is 10 yrs old. I am studying in 5th class and lives in Shankar camp, rangpuri pahari. arti
My father has 5 brothers and we have land in Madhya Pradesh but nobody wants to do farming. My grandfather was living in Shankar camp, Delhi since very long. We also come to live with our grandfather.

My father used to work as worker, than he learned to do TV repairing and works as technician. I have two sisters and am the eldest one. I am coming to Aarushi bal vatika for very long and now my younger sister also comes to bal vatika. I like to go Aarushi bal vatika daily and likes very much to attend school. Aarushi bal vatika teachers are very nice to us and teaches very well. My parents want me to study hard and grow up as an educated person. My both sisters also love to study and my parent says that they couldn’t studied but they want us to study. I also want to become a teacher and teach students.


Hello, I am nine-year old ‘Kiran’ and lives in Israil Camp, rangpuri pahari. kiranWe basically belong to Mathura but we don’t have any ancestral property there. Earlier my father used to work in other’s farm and we had very big family in village in a single house. Due to family issues, my father brought us to Delhi to his uncle’s house. We call them Grandpa. My grandpa is living in Israil camp for past 35 years. We are living in delhi for past 8 years, earlier we lived in our grandpa’s house for six month and then shifted to a rented house. 

In 2011, we made our own home in Israil camp. My father works as Load cart puller and my elder brother is 17yr old school dropout also work as driver & supports family. My elder sister has also left school to help my mother in household work. I am going to school for past 4 yrs. My mother wants me to study and grow. I go to Arushi Bal vatika and going there for very long time before going to school. I like to go to Arushi Bal vatika and love the way bal vatika teacher taught us. I have learnt stories, poems, songs etc. I am trying to learn new things and want to complete my studies.

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