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Hi, my name is Arti and is 10 yrs old. I am studying in 5th class and lives in Shankar camp, rangpuri pahari. arti
My father has 5 brothers and we have land in Madhya Pradesh but nobody wants to do farming. My grandfather was living in Shankar camp, Delhi since very long. We also come to live with our grandfather.

My father used to work as worker, than he learned to do TV repairing and works as technician. I have two sisters and am the eldest one. I am coming to Aarushi bal vatika for very long and now my younger sister also comes to bal vatika. I like to go Aarushi bal vatika daily and likes very much to attend school. Aarushi bal vatika teachers are very nice to us and teaches very well. My parents want me to study hard and grow up as an educated person. My both sisters also love to study and my parent says that they couldn’t studied but they want us to study. I also want to become a teacher and teach students.

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