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Case Study of Suhana

Name: - Suhanasuhana

Age: - 9 yrs

Mother’s Name: - Naseema

Father’s Name: - Tassaduk Husain

I live in Israel Camp Rangpuri Pahari. I am from village – Narauli, Mainathor, Muradabad (U.P.). My uncles (chacha, tau) both are staying in village. There are not sufficient crops and field. They were fighting with each other for food expense, so my mother and father decided to come to Delhi for job and left their village. My father sells onion and garlic and earning for family expenses. My mother is a home-maker. We are six brother and sister. I am the third one. After I came from village, I was not going anywhere to study. I was not going to school in village also. I came to Bal Vatika Center with my friends. Many students were learning there so I told my mother about this. After that I got admission. After few months I even got admission in Nagar-Nigam Primary School Rangpuri Phari. Now I study in 4th class. After coming from school, I go to Aarushi Bal Vatika. I have got lot of help for study from Aarushi Bal Vatika. My father and mother are not much educated and they were not in condition to pay tuition fee. So, many children come to Bal Vatika. It is helpful for them also.

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