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Case study of Saniya

Student name: - Saniyasaniya

Mother name: - Mushrat

Father name: - Manjur

Age: - 5 years

Saniya’s mother told we are very poor family. We come from Ward No.3 Mirjapur, Kothi C New Patti Raniganj Arriya Vihar.. There is no home in village as well as no food for eating. I told my husband we have two children and we struggle day and night, but are not able to survive properly. We came to Delhi for our children. My husband does labour work. When we came from our village our daughter was two years old. Both husband and wife were illiterate and never went to the school. We saw all children are going school. but we could not get admission for our children. When my daughter saw teacher then she told me I am also going school. My daughter got admitted in Arushi Bal Vatika and came to study for three years. Then she told me and teacher I want to go to big school. Saniya says she like dressing up in school uniform and she loves studying.

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