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Case Study of Shakshi

Name- Shakshishakshi

Mothers name – Sanjana Devi

Fathers name – Santu kumar

Age-5 years

We live in Israil camp Rangpuri Pahari. We are two sisters. My parents are very poor. My father, used to work as an electrician in village and got very low pay. We don’t even have a house in village. It was very hard to run a family, so my parents used to fight. After some time, my father got us to Israil camp to provide good food and education. Shakshi’s mother told us that her husband asked her to work too as it was very hard to survive. She said, “We didn’t bring anything from village. I was very worried about my children’s education. I asked someone about the school for poor children and then came to know about Aarushi Bal Vatika that they don’t charge anything. I started sending my children there. And this is how my daughter started getting education. Ma’am always called my daughter to the center and now I work also. And my daughter is also getting education. And this is how I get so much of benefit from Aarushi Bal Vatika as my all children are happy and cheerful.”

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