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Case Study Intaz

Name- Intazintaz

Mothers name – Sulekha

Fathers name – Mukhtar

Age-8 years

My name is Intaz and I with my younger brother study in Aarushi Bal Vatika. I have gone to my village twice and I do not like the environment there. My grandmother and aunt fight with my mother and sometime my father also does the same. Here (in Delhi) my father and mother both are working and bring food and feed us. My father works as a labourer and my mother works as a maid. Because of these problems, I was not able to go to school regularly. We live in a tent. When I was three years old, I used to study in Aarushi Bal Vatika and I wanted to get admission in Nagar Nigam Primary School, Rangpuri Pahari. Due to my family issues, my father brought me to village and my name has been cut from the school. With the help of ma’am, I got admission again, Now I always go to school and study at Aarushi Bal Vatika. I always study and play here and they help me to explore the new things and take us out for excursions. I like Asrushi Bal Vatika a lot.

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