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Chand Case Study

Name- Chand

Mothers’ name – Afsana

Fathers’ name – Salama

Age-5 yrs

I live in Shankar camp Rangpuri pahari. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. My father is very poor and we don’t even have house in village. None of my siblings went to school due to financial problem. They picked the wood from the jungle. After seeing all these difficulties, my father moved to Delhi with us. (Chand’s mother said because of poverty they couldn’t send any of their children to school). When we came here, we had no shelter so we started living in tents. After sometime, my parents started working here. Someone told my mother about Aarushi Bal Vatika that they teach free of cost. My mother visited there and found everything perfect for us and that we get education here. Now, I am going to get admission in school and my dream is to become a police officer.

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